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Musings, ramblings, and gripings

thoughts late at night

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I'm just looking for a place to think online. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother. I'm looking for a place to muse about possible future jobs after both children are in school. I'm here to gripe about cleaning house, the lack of sleep, the difficulties of figuring out what's for dinner, and what to do about the environment, politics, my beliefs in God and Goddess and the fact that I'm getting teenage attitude from my 9 year old daughter. I'm going to worry online about my 5 year old son and the chance he might have Asperger's Syndrome, or autism. I'm going to spill my guts. Any and all thoughtful, delightful, silly, caring, scolding, or sharing remarks will be welcomed.

I went to St Frances Cabrini Catholic elementary school in Los Angeles, St Helens Junior High and St Helens Senior High in St Helens Oregon, Oregon State University for two years, and University of Washington for two years.